Sixty second writing tips: writing in the style of…

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Matthew Wright

One of the hardest things writers face – even if everything else is on par – is that last detail of the art; the style. The actual choice of words.

1197094932257185876johnny_automatic_books_svg_medThese are what clothe the skeleton of structure, of content; they give a particular feel to the writing. It is the style –the choice and pattern of words – that makes a particular passage an author’s own.

Mastering style – having control of the words – is as important as any other aspect of writing. It’s also remarkably difficult to master.

So try this. One of the ways music composition is taught is to write something ‘in the style of…’ – forcing the  student to figure out just what composers such as Rachmaninov, Debussy, Bach and so forth actually did in order to get their characteristic sounds. (Last year, I watched 70s prog-rock icon and all round British comedian and…

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